Register your harvest festival button at:

On behalf of the St Paul East Side Lions and American Legion Post 577, we offer you this information about the Harvest Festival Treasure hunt. Hidden within the boundaries of Larpentuer Avenue, 7 th Street,  Johnson Parkway,  and highway 35 E, a medallion will be placed. 
On public ground it can be found,  avoid private property, golf courses,  schools,  churches,  and businesses. Avoid all landscaped features,  and respect natural wild flower areas. No digging, climbing, or dismantling of any city property is allowed. You will need to purchase a button at a participating retailer and have it registered before the 4th clue is released, in order to be eligible for full prize. If not registered by September 12th, you may still receive 50% of the prize money. The remaining half will be awarded to charity.  
There will be 10 clues posted,  beginning September 9th at 5:00 p.m. On Harvest Festival Facebook, St Paul East Side Lions Club Website & here at Posted clues will appear daily at the same time until September 19th. If the medallion is not found by 10:00 PM on the final day one bonus clue will be released the following morning at 9:00 AM detailing it's location. 
The Lions/ Legion Harvest Festival Buttons Program has the right to cancel the hunt at any moment if these rules are not followed. The finder will be allowed to keep the medallion,  and be given The GRAND Prize  and a ride in the parade Saturday September 23rd at Noon on Payne Ave as this year's finder. 
Good luck and stay safe. Lions/Legion Treasure Hunt/Buttons Program Lic# 00935

Board Meeting Announcement

Next PABA Board Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 12th at Brunson's

Meeting runs from 5:30-7:00 at Brunson's Pub (Upstairs) - 956 Payne Avenue.

Application deadline is August 25th:

Parade & Vendor Applications for the Harvest Festival on September 23rd can be registered on-line. Click on the appropriate page on this website to register. 


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