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Saint Paul, Minnesota 55106

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Board of Directors


Molly LaFleche

Brunson's Pub


Ryan Huseby

Tongue in Cheek Fine Dining

Former President

Chad Medellin
Caydence Records & Coffee

Mark Hansen

American Legion Post 577

Peter Vang

Kiwave - Commercial Property Owner

Payne Avenue


​Anne DeJoy
East Side Neighborhood 
Development Company


Bob Anderson

Anderson Shoes

Dimitri Hatzigeorgiou

Swedish Bank LLC 

Commercial Property

Nick Dillion

Arcade Laundromat

Terrell Smith

Gentlemen Cuts

Vice President

Andy Rowe

Port & Starboard Tattoo


Brian Laughlin 

Donald's Uniforms


Rebecca Nelson

St. Paul East Side Lions Club


Richard Finch

Eastside Pizzeria


Stephan Kistler


Business Consultant


Jack Kolb-Williams

Twin Cities Catalyst Music


Jon Scott Oulman

Café Lila


Taylor Jordan
McCullough and Associates

Jaclyn Semiak

St. Paul Brewing

Troy Auth

Vomela Companies

Mat Graske

Caydence Coffee and Records

The Next PABA Board Meeting is

Tuesday, Mar. 10, 2020 at Brunson's Pub

956 Payne Avenue at 5:30 pm.